About World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day (WAD) was established in 1996 by Arthritis and Rheumatism International (ARI).

WAD is a global initiative bringing people together to raise awareness of issues affecting people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). WAD is celebrated every year on 12 October and is supported by a year-round global campaign.

The aims of WAD, set by EULAR, PARE (the Standing Committee of People with Arthritis/Rheumatism in Europe) and the WAD community are:

  • To raise awareness of RMDs amongst the medical community, people with RMDs and the general public.
  • To influence public policy by making decision-makers aware of the burden of RMDs and the steps which can be taken to ease it.
  • To ensure all people with RMDs and their caregivers are aware of the vast support network available to them.
Now, people with RMDs from around the world can join together to make their voices heard on this day. World Arthritis Day is an ideal focus for organisations to raise awareness of issues affecting people with RMDs and for individuals to support campaigns.

World Arthritis Day, including the campaign website, is managed and supported by EULAR, the European League Against Rheumatism.


The European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) is the organisation which represents people with RMDs, health professionals and scientific societies of rheumatology of all the European nations.

The aims of EULAR are to reduce the burden of rheumatic diseases on the individual and society and to improve the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of RMDs. EULAR fosters excellence in education and research in the field of rheumatology, promotes the translation of research advances into daily care and fights for the recognition of the needs of people with rheumatic diseases.

The national organisations of People with Arthritis/Rheumatism in Europe (PARE) work together via the EULAR Standing Committee of PARE. Each member country is represented on the committee. The Standing Committee meets once a year to review progress and plan future activities.

To find out more about EULAR please visit http://www.eular.org