Home gym

You can exercise at home if you find it difficult to go to the gym. You will be amazed how everyday objects can be transformed into training equipment to help you keep your body at its best. For example, plastic bottles filled with water can become weights and stairs can be used for calf exercises, tendon stretches or a step workout. Start slowly with 10-15 minutes of light exercise and build up to your maintenance level of 30+ minutes, depending on your goals.

Top tips:

  • Find a time of day that you like to exercise and make this a regular slot in your day.
  • To motivate yourself, spend some time selecting music you enjoy and set yourself achievable motivational goals that reward you for exercising.
  • Vary your programme to keep it fresh – you can focus on strengthening, flexibility and aerobic exercises on different days.
  • Always warm up your muscles before you do any exercise. If you are having a flare, or you are recovering from surgery, you may need to adjust your programme.
  • Wear indoor sports shoes for shock absorption, appropriate support of tender joints and to stop you slipping, even if you are exercising on carpet.

This is general advice for people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs), but individuals may have specific problems. Always speak to your doctor or physiotherapist before you start a new form of exercise.

Download the PDF for more information: