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Sunday, 12th October

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Enter our 'Vision 2043' competition and help change the future for people with RMDs!

'Vision 2043' is a major international competition which runs to Friday, 18 July 2014.

What could change the lives of people with RMDs? If you have a solution enter our Vision 2043 competition. It can be something existing or a creative idea, innovation or grand plans that can help transform the lives of people with RMDs and make the world more inclusive now and into the future. You can submit your ideas via a range of mediums. There are prizes to be won, so check out what's involved and get creative.

"We hope that through this competition we will not only raise awareness of some of the challenges faced by people with RMDs, but also provide some exciting solutions that can shape a better future for all."

"This is such an inspiring competition. We are hoping to attract a wide range of ideas from people with RMDs and those who care for them, including healthcare professionals, as well as any designers interested in creating an inclusive world."

Healthy Living feature: Healthy Eating

Check out our new Healthy Eating feature, which is the latest topic from the Healthy Living series. The Healthy Living series covers different issues of importance to people growing up and growing older with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease. The Healthy Eating feature provides expert advice on how to achieve a healthy and balanced diet. You will also find information on allergies and food intolerances, tips on how to manage your weight and advice for people who find it difficult to reach the shops or have problems preparing or cooking food.  

Living Better, Ageing Well

The theme for World Arthritis Day (WAD) in 2013 - 2014 is Healthy Ageing, growing up and growing older with a rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease. It covers the physical and mental changes that occur as part of the ageing process from birth throughout our lifespan and the environmental factors that contribute to quality of life. See WAD activities and Healthy Living features.

Planning an event or campaign in 2014?

If you are holding an event or campaign in support of people with RMDs around World Arthritis Day, or at any time of the year, please post it on our Events and campaigns pages. Please let us have the results, including pictures to share your success with other campaigners.

Tools for You

Browse through the 'Tools for You' pages to find the wealth of fantastic information and resources for individuals with RMDs to download in English. For organisations wanting to produce materials we have artwork and design templates.

Let us know how you get on and contact us, or if you are planning an event, post it!

Get Active in 2014!

Discover seven ways to help people with RMDs to be more physically active. Thre is also a ‘Guide to Physical Activity and Exercise’, available for download in English. Artwork and design templates for the guide and activity factsheets are available for organisations to translate and can be found in the Tools for You section.

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